Welcome to Fife Council's 'Foster for Fife" website

All children have the right to live in a family, but if they are not able to live with their birth family, fostering can provide a positive alternative.

As you can imagine, children need different things so we need people who can provide different types of foster care.

We have over 800 children in our care. There are also many people in Fife who would make great foster parents. We want to help these two groups meet and, to help you to Foster for Fife.

If you are interested call us on 01383 602235 or fill in our online form.

We will be delighted to hear from you.


"They've helped me through everything and got me to where I am now... I never expected to go into foster care but these people are really special and inspirational people. They are the most important family members I have."

Dean, foster child.


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